• Make money with your Retirement or other "lazy" money

    10-15% return per deal

    Depending on deal specifics, multiple “turns” per year are possible

    I have personally made (annualized) 50% on one sum of money.

  • Backed by real estate!

    Better returns than the stock market?  Backed by real estate worth MORE than you’re investing?  Great deal!

  • Never need to foreclose, no matter what!

    We always employ a “Deed in Lieu” document package to prevent the need for foreclosure.  If a payment is missed or any other kind of breach…all we need to do is file a replacement deed (that you get when the deal is funded) giving you ownership of the property immediately (well 40 days after initial breach, to allow corrective measures).

  • OUR skin in the game

    We loan our own money also.  Not necessarily in your exact deal, but in similar deals.  We approve the deal for our own purposes before offering it to you.  You then get to review and decide if it’s right for you.  About as safe as it can be.

  • Borrower pays all costs

    You’re in this to make money…not spend it.  Please get all the advice and consultation you want (lawyer, etc.) but the costs of this deal are on the borrower.

  • Make money lending money! Retirement funds OK!

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