The area's ONLY full-time Investors' Realtor

I am an investor, flipper, have experience wholesaling as well as in connecting private money with those who can make it work.  Make money several ways.

    • 20 years experience

      Steve bought his first commercial property in 1997, a warehouse outside of Boston.  Starting Good People Good Homes LLC with his wife in 2008, he began investing in rental real estate in Northeastern PA.  Since then, he has bought or been involved with nearly 100 rental and commercial units.
    • Focused on your success. Investor to Investor

      Steve specializes in working with investors, experienced and novice.  Unlike traditional realtors who simply “work with” rather than “focus on” realtors, Steve intimately understands the numbers behind the property.  He works hard to understand the goals of his clients, and connecting them with buyers or properties that meet those goals.
    • My success is defined as your success

      Investment property success is often more about cash flow than appraisal.  Steve’s experience helps investors understand how subtle changes in income/expenses can substantially impact a property’s value.
    • Educator and Networker

      Founder of the Investors Network:NEPA real estate networking group, Steve works tirelessly to work with buyers, sellers, and current owners to offer education, consultation, and resources.
    • Contact me!

      You can reach Steve, your Multifamily Specialist by phone at (570) 798 7051, Facebook (, email, or through the Investors Network:NEPA at