• Fund your Deals !$$$!

    Limited credit check (we don’t care about score)

    Easy payback terms (not always monthly)

    Best rates!

    No minimum 🙂

  • Flexible Exit Strategy!

    Flippers – we have your solution!

    Landlords & Holders – Yep, we can do that!

    Creative Financing, Rent to Own – Of course!


  • Creative Collateral!

    Sometimes the deal doesn’t always leave enough of a gap in LTV (loan to value).  We have ways to solve that, just contact us!

  • FREE deal analysis

    Well, almost free.  We have a low $50 funding preparation fee per deal.  This is THE LAST step before we agree to fund (by then, we pretty much know if it’s a go).  Why is this good for you? It covers a professional deal analysis that will either double-check your deal or provide reasons you should reconsider.

  • No points. Low fees. All can be worked into the deal

    We don’t charge points.  Appraisal fees.  Anything like that.  Yes, we have a finder fee and legal fee (depends on where the deal is, how much it will take us to double check the research).  And, we can almost always fully fund the costs into the deal.

  • Get the MONEY YOU NEED, and a No Obligation Property Valuation NOW!

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